Health. Lets start this out by what exactly is health. Health is the state of being free from illness and injury. WOW. I absolutely love that. Now a days I really feel like the word health is seen so differently from what it is. Health to some people is looking a certain way, or only eating certain foods, or working out everyday. But that is not what health is. Health is being FREE from illness and injury. It is time we change the stigma and embrace our health.

A few weeks ago I actually hurt the arch of my foot and could not walk for about a week. It was really tough and this was a very small injury. I really took my health for granted. So stop looking at your health in a different manner. If you are free from illness and injury you are HEALTHY. But with having health we need to promote good habits to keep it. So today I am talking lifestyle tips and motivation for a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Get your body moving. Embrace being free from injury and illness. Take a walk with your dog, go hiking with friends, or go take a local dance class. Move your body and get those good endorphins!
  2. Find an eating balance that works for you. The key is balance. So many people hear what some people eat and follow that lifestyle, but every body is different. Find what works best for you and what makes you HAPPY. Fuel your body, its the only body you get.
  3. Drink your water like your life depends on it: BECAUSE IT TRULY DOES!!! And when you think you have had enough, drink some more. I will add lemon to some of my water throughout the day to help it have a little bit of taste. Also lemon is great for you.
  4. STRETCH. Stretching is truly so great for your body. Try and aim for 5-20 minutes everyday of stretching and breathing. It is great to relieve stress and helps with the blood flow in your body. Put on some calm music and get your stretch on.
  5. Confidence. Embrace your body and who you are. We are all different and that is the beauty of being YOU. Do not waste your energy on negativity or comparison. Love yourself and speak kinds words to yourself.


  1. Grab a friend or a group of friends. It is way more fun when you are doing it with other people.
  2. Join a class! I love the community it brings and your coaches will motivate you to be your best.
  3. Set goals. I do not mean a certain weight on a scale, because you are SO much more than a number. You want to run a 5k? Set a goal for 3 months down the road and achieve it, because you are strong & can do anything you put your mind to!!!
  4. Buy yourself some cute workout gear! Nothing is better motivation than a cute new outfit.
  5. Change it up!! Never stay stagnant. Things can get boring so switch it up! If you have class pass in your area, sign up & try different group classes out!

I truly think health is super important. But, it is how health makes you feel not the way it looks. Working out, eating healthier options, and drinking your water is to help you feel good in your body. It is to help keep you free from injury and illness. Embrace your body, be happy, and live your life gf!!




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