Happy spring forward Sunday!! I don’t know about you but I am super happy we are back to days with more sunlight. I feel like I am much more productive and I love not feeling like I need to be in bed at 7pm. Now that I am getting more into the swing of things on here, I am going to start doing monthly posts of my beauty favorites. I am a product junkie and I love spending hours in Sephora and Ulta swatching and seeing what is new. If there is a specific category (foundation, bronzer, skincare, hair) let me know so I can post and share that with you all! Now lets get into my February faves

  1. Ouai Rose hair and body oil: This stuff smells A M A Z I N G, first off. Second off my favorite thing to use for this is to actually put this on my neck, chest, and d├ęcolletage when I am wearing a shirt that shows any of these areas. It gives the most beautiful glow and smell. I will usually add a little highlighter on top to of the shoulders, collar bones, and d├ęcolletage to add the most beautiful sheen to your skin. I also use this stuff in my hair after blow drying or those days when my hair feels a little dry at the ends. I think it works well, but I love it way more for my body.
  2. Laneige lip sleeping mask: WOW. this stuff has changed my life. My lips are either super dry in the winter or super chapped in the summer & this stuff has made all the difference. Even Grant has noticed (sorry mom lol). I put a good amount on at night but will also use this during the day. It is super hydrating and leaves my lips feeling so soft. I have had this for 2 months and still have A LOT of product left. I actually wish I would have gotten 2 travel sized instead of the big one to keep one in my bathroom and one in my purse. If your lips need a little love, TRY THIS.
  3. Donna Karan Cashmere mist: OK this is a splurge. But it is truly a splurge I cannot live without anymore. It’s a deodorant that smells so elegant and seriously doesn’t wear off. Sometimes people will ask what perfume I am wearing and it is this stuff. It usually lasts me 3-5 months as well. I will warn you if you buy this you truly will never go back to another deodorant again. BUT YOU WILL SMELL AMAZING & IT IS SWEATPROOF.
  4. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Highlight: If you want to glow like Jlo, add this to your cart ASAP. I will mix this in with my foundation or add on top of my foundation with a beauty blender for more intense glow. It truly is a gorgeous product and with spring/summer coming up you will want this! I will also add this to my body to give it an extra sheen.
  5. Tatcha Silk Canvas Skin Perfector: If you have large pores or texurized skin this primer is your life savior. It will smooth out your face like “silk” and create an even based canvas to apply your make up. I have larger pores on my nose and chin. This is where my make up usually will come off first, but it truly has helped it look and last so well. I have really enjoyed adding this to my routine.
  6. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream: Purely magic. This is my favorite moisturizer on this earth and made from gold. This moisturizer is also a splurge, but I buy it in the travel size to help with cost. I truly do not know what makes this stuff so good, but my skin is 100x better when I am using this consistently. I have less break outs, my skin is more even, I have plumper fuller skin, no dry patches, and a youthful glow. Charlotte will put this on her model’s face before makeup and this only. It also has spf (bonus) but does not create flashback in pictures. This is one of my holy grail products, and not a new one for me. When I run out and try using a cheaper one my skin does not look or act remotely the same.
  7. Vitamin C Glow mask: Vitamin C is super great for your skin and if you do not use this in your routine you need to! I will use this 2-3x a week and leave it on for 15-30 minutes. This does have chunks of oranges in it so if you do not like oranges, this is NOT for you. What I do is rub it in my hands to break it down and then rub it in my skin in circular motions. I have dryer skin and this has done wonders. It leaves my skin refreshed, soft, and glowy. I also have freckles and am scared of getting dark spots and this has helped with any spots that concern me. I truly love this mask and has become part of my weekly skincare routine.

So now that I just wrote all this out I believe the theme is GLOW. I love each of these products and definitely recommend you trying them out. Please let me know if you do and what you thought! I love hearing from y’all, it’s truly the best part. Also dm me, comment below, or email me of what type of products you want to see for March! Y’all enjoy your week and I will see ya on Wednesday here @ mckenziedruhan.com!




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