Happy Wednesday!!! We are half way through the week & I could not be more excited for the weekend. With winter slowly but surely rolling out I have a feeling we will all be traveling a lot more. I have rounded up the best tips, tricks, and tough lessons learned (go watch my chit chat highlight on insta for my latest tough lesson while traveling).


  1. MAKE A LIST & CHECK IT TWICE: Call me old school, but I love writing out my packing list for a trip. And I rarely forget things when I do. pro tip: don’t write “hair stuff”, write “hairbrush” “hairspray” “bobby pins” “curling iron” this will help to eliminate you forgetting to grab those bobby pins.
  2. PLAN YOUR OUTFITS AHEAD OF TIME: This may seem obvious but what I mean by plan is a little more in depth. When going on a trip you more than likely have an itinerary. So go through that and pick an outfit for everything you plan on doing. Now TRY ON every outfit in the mirror, add accessories, add shoes put the whole outfit on. If you love it, pack it! A lot of times I will just throw a bunch of random things in a suitcase but do not actually have my outfits planned out, and usually will create debauchery when getting dressed. You know when you thought those cute new sandals would look so good with the yellow top, but it actually looks like you haven’t learned your color wheel yet? We are going to avoid this. Next, take a picture of the outfit so when you are on your getaway you can look at the picture and recreate it to perfection. I will sometimes even put text on it like “Central Park outfit.” This seriously helps with over packing, which I am queen of. You need 1 extra outfit, not 8. Your laundry load when you get back will thank me later. SO PLAN THE OUTFITS, TRY THEM ON, TAKE A PICTURE, & ONLY PACK THE OUTFITS YOU LOVE.
  3. CHARGER BAG: My mom does this and it is actually genius. Get one of those bags that have little compartments, like this, and you put each one of your chargers in each one. So your phone charger, your apple watch charger, your iPad charger, your beats charger, etc. This will help keep up with your chargers and knowing when you do not have one packed. If there is one thing I am consistently buying after trips it is chargers. This also keeps them from breaking in your overstuffed purse. Win, win!
  4. JEWELRY BAG: Speaking of bags with compartments, get another one for your jewelry. Nothing is worst than your favorite necklace getting tangled with your other 5 favorite necklaces. The tiny compartments can hold each piece you bring and keep everything nice and neat!
  5. MOISTURIZE: If you are flying, moisturize your face a little extra that morning and bring a hydration mask and eye patches. Your skin will be so thankful!
  6. HYDRATE: Flying seriously takes all the moisture out of your body, hydrate a little extra the day before as well as drink a good amount while traveling. This will also help with your energy levels.
  7. ENTERTAINMENT: Always have music, book, a podcast, or movie downloaded and ready to go once your in the air. Nothing is worst than being stuck to listening to plane engines that do not always sound right (haha)!
  8. DRESS COMFY BUT CUTE: I am a huge advocate for dressing comfy on the plane, but I also recommend putting yourself together. Dress to impress, but also to get some rest.
  9. BE NICE: The people who work in the airport are just doing their job. They are not the person who cancelled your flight, lost your luggage, or delayed your plane. It is so easy to lose your temper at these people, but give them kindness it will go a long way!


  1. TICKET TUESDAY: If you are flying to your destination, Tuesday’s are actually the best day of the week to buy them. If you are still months out, track this for a few weeks but I have come to find it is true.
  2. STARBUCKS APP: Download the app, and order your Starbucks while you are in the security line. You will then get to walk right past the 2 mile long line of people, and won’t miss your flight.
  3. CREDIT CARDS: Now I am not recommending you to just go get a credit card, but if you fly a lot check out credit cards that give you points to fly. They add up and help out a lot!


  1. CARRY ON ESSENTIALS: Pack a carry on that has 1 outfit, a toothbrush, medications, and anything absolutely necessary for at least a day. I have had my luggage lost one to many times now, and think this is my biggest tip I can give.
  2. CHARGE YOUR PHONE: Make sure all your electronics are charged, and that your charger works. I got to the airport an hour before my flight once with my phone on 10% thinking I would just charge it there, and my phone charger decided to stop working. I barely was able to order an uber when I landed which was very scary. I do not go to the airport now with my phone being less that 75%
  3. SOFT SUITCASES: I had a super cute hard top case, that on my most recent flight got totally destroyed. My zipper broke and my clothes were everywhere when I found my suitcase. The nice man that was working the baggage claim told me hard top cases always bust under the plane. Soft top suitcases are the best to go under the plane, it helps with all the turbulence bounces and pressure of bags on top of yours.
  4. DOUBLE CHECK: I did not share this on my story, because I was so mad at myself. But, make sure before you book your flight the days are correct. I accidentally booked my flight to come back on March 31st… not March 3rd. So always make sure before you confirm that you look at those dates a second time 🙂
  5. DELAYS: They happen, and they happen almost every time. Expect them but do not let it upset you. Timing is always perfect, and that goes for flight delays as well.
  6. CANCELED FLIGHTS: If this happens as soon as you get the notification, go to the app or website you booked your plane ticket and start trying to find the next flight available. I do not recommend calling customer service. You will sit on the phone for forever and by the time they are able to help all flights that could have gotten you to your destination are full.

That is all I have for today, and can’t wait to pack up my new soft case suitcase (courtesy of Southwest) for my next trip!! Where are you going next?? I want to hear from you & if any of these tips helped!

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