Follow your dreams

Following your dreams can be scary. So, so scary. To get out of your comfort zone might make you feel a little nauseous. But, let me tell you something. The greatest things happen when you come out of your comfort zone. If you could NEVER fail, what all would you do? Why are we as humans so afraid of failure? IT IS OKAY TO FAIL. If you ask anyone that is successful if they failed, I don’t believe you would find one person who could say no. Some of your biggest growth as a person happens through failure. But, there is so much beauty on the other side of failure. So here I am today, on this blog. MY BLOG. Because I stopped letting fear get in front of what I have been dreaming of doing. I know this will not be easy, but here I am. You were put on this earth with a gift and it is time for you to start sharing it. So I encourage you stop making the million of excuses you keep giving yourself, and GO FOR IT. Follow your dreams, and don’t look back.

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