Hello friends!! Today I am sharing all the deets on our getaway to St. Lucia. We truly had the best time and we cannot wait to go back! I wanted to recap our stay at Marigot Bay Resort and all that we did! It was truly a blast.

Let me start out by saying a little bit about the resort, Marigot Bay. This place was so beautiful. I felt like I was in the rainforest but so tropical and private. The staff was hands down AMAZING. They truly have the kindest staff and everyone was so helpful. We even had a gardener show us all the way to the spa, truly so sweet. The resort has 2 pools, a full spa, 3 restaurants, a hair salon, beach, workout classes, and so much more. Our view from our room was one of a kind and having coffee every morning was all the heart eyes.

our room view

I want to break down each day we spent here to give you a little more detailed spill on our vacay!!


TRAVEL DAY. (stay tuned for my what to pack when traveling internationally soon!)


We started off the day with breakfast at Hurricane Hole, one of the 3 restaurants at the resort you can eat at. The breakfast was delicious, and we sat by the water which was perfect!

Hurricane Hole breakfast

After breakfast we went back to the main pool and ordered the watermelon mojito (DELICIOUS, but make sure you ask for alcohol if you are wanting that!) Grant and I then hit the spa for our couples massage. Let me just tell you it was EVERYTHING !!!!! The massage was absolutely wonderful and so relaxing to start out our vacation. The spa is right on the resort but in it’s own little area.


After getting a little TLC, we headed out to the main pool area to soak up some sun!! The pool has a swim up bar and you can order drinks and food from here! I totally recommend getting the sushi poolside because it was SO GOOD. (Also hot tip if you stay here: they have a drink served in a coconut but its only served till 12)


For Dinner we went to The Grill, another restaurant at the resort. I highly recommend getting the tuna tartare, mushroom chicken was delish, and wedge salad!


Monday was literally the best day ever! We rented a catamaran through the resort rentals and hit the water for the day! The best part is you can literally do whatever you want! We had a captain and 2 deckhands and they were SO awesome!! The boat day includes drinks and food. We started out just exploring sea and then hit an island to snorkel. The views of the islands were so beautiful while riding around.


After our lunch on the boat we headed to Sugar Beach. If you visit St. Lucia I highly highly recommend going here for a day/afternoon. It was my cup of tea: boujee + picture perfect. HOT TIP: If you go there is a man with a yellow kayak and he is serving daiquiris. You will make a big mistake if you do not get one from him – BEST DRINK I EVER TASTED. We then also ate at the restaurant on Sugar Beach and it was great! The views, drinks, and food just could not be beat.


You can also go snorkeling on Sugar Beach, swim around, or hang out on the beach. There are also cute little shops to buy gifts etc on the island. We left Sugar Beach after a few hours and headed back to sea to watch the sunset go down. The boat day could not have been better, we all said it was the best day! We watched the sunset, had a dance party, and all jumped into the ocean.



Tuesday was our last full day in St. Lucia (cue the tears). We woke up and went to the buffet breakfast at the Grill at the resort. HOT TIP: Go here for breakfast and get the banana bread !!!! The view while eating here is so pretty and relaxing. They also make omelettes to order and they are 100.

breakfast at The Grill

After breakfast we explored the resort taking some content pictures. The resort is on the bay, but there is a boat that runs 24/7 to the beach right across from the resort so you can go to the beach if you do not want to go to the pool. For our last day we hit the pool back up and grabbed a cabana. There are a good amount of cabanas here so I highly recommend trying to grab one. We spent the rest of the day soaking in the sun, drinking pina coladas, and cooling off in the pool.


For our last night, they were having a BBQ + a fire show. We headed down to see what it entailed, and it was pretty cool. There were local fire dancers who put on a show. We then headed back to the Rum Cave for drinks to end the night off.

The next morning we left the beautiful views of Marigot Bay Resort, but we cannot wait to come back!! I highly recommend this resort. There was so much it offered and it was honestly a little slice of heaven. We cannot wait to go back and visit.



Beauty blender’s have been around for a while now so we all know they are amazing. This set is perfect to change out the old ones and it comes with a case! 


Christmas wishlist!! The girl who does my hair said it is well worth the hype & worth the $$. I could not believe how fast it dried my hair. I have been having my eye on this for a few months now. 


You know I love this and have been using it for months now. This set has it all: shampoo, conditioner, my fave hair mask + a bond smoother!


Another one of my favorites I rave about!! Obviously a little pricey for a deodorant but this stuff is LEGIT. Such a great stocking stuffer!


My favorite curling iron. I love the interchangeable barrels so no matter what look I am going for I can achieve it. Even if you don’t need all the barrels this is still a great brand to get your curling iron from. My curls last much longer and my hair gets less damaged. 


Another one of my favorite items and would be a great stocking stuffer! I will add the drops to my face and then get moisturizer and rub it in on my face. It gives me a tan face without the clogged pores. 


I am obsessed with the magic cream by CT and have gotten my sister hooked on it too! 


Good lighting is EVERYTHING when doing makeup. 


Jade rolling is amazing for your skin! Give or receive the gift of depuffed, glowing, and more sculpted face. 


This is my favorite lip mask EVER. This gift set is so perfect! Also a great secret Santa gift! 


I love this cosmetic bag, so chic!!! Also the black is a major win so makeup is not all over the inside. 


I got this for Christmas two years ago and I love it so much! Helps with your hair being less frizz and GREAT for your skin! Comes in lots of color options!


Another one of my favorite’s! CT lipstick + lipliner is a game changer. I use the color pillow talk. 


 #1. ADIDAS TENNIS SHOES :          

 Super comfy! Great for either working out and for casual wear 


           Keeps the coffee extra hot! Perfect for a man on the go. 


Grant is obsessed with this brand. I think a good vest is a staple in every man’s closet. 


     Grant wants these in every color, he loves them so much! Also I feel like these can fit mostly all men because Grant may be the hardest person for pants to fit right & they do! 

#5. SAXX UNDERWEAR        

 Another one of Grant’s absolute favorites! He said if you get these for your boo he will rub your feet overnight. ADD TO CART !!! 

#6. AIRPODS      

        I think everyone is on the airpod train. If they do not have them yet this is a winner! The hype is real. 


Think about it instead of having to find his wallet and his phone you will only have to look for it once all together. YES MAM.

#8. UGG SLIPPERS        

 This may seem basic but every man needs some slippers and I think these are a great option! These are similar, but cheaper.


   I absolutely love this idea! Super personable and something that can be kept and used forever.


Grant got this last winter and is definitely one of his most worn jackets. Its super in style with the bomber look but also really warm! So he can look go but also be practical – men love that. 

#11. COLE HANN OXFORDS        

 If you walked into Grant’s closet you would see about 8 pairs of these. They are the “new” casual work shoe and he wears them all the time.  

#12. BRIEFCASE          

  A classic present for a business man but I think this is a great gift if they recently started a job or the briefcase is 25 years old. 

#13. FIRESTICK        

 If they do not have a smart TV, get them this!! You can stream Netflix, Amazon, Sports etc all on here. 

#14. WATCH        

A timeless piece. I love watches as presents because it truly is something they will have forever. 




      If you have a golf player, this is amazing! 


Honestly cannot go wrong with just getting them there favorite team jersey! 


         Do I need to say more?? They would all love this. 


Christmas is such a fun time and I love picking gifts for each special person in my life. But sometimes we cannot think of what gift would ever translate how much we love them. I hope this helps you with some ideas that your special someone would love! Ps. Grant said a German Shepard puppy would make any man happy haha!





Health. Lets start this out by what exactly is health. Health is the state of being free from illness and injury. WOW. I absolutely love that. Now a days I really feel like the word health is seen so differently from what it is. Health to some people is looking a certain way, or only eating certain foods, or working out everyday. But that is not what health is. Health is being FREE from illness and injury. It is time we change the stigma and embrace our health.

A few weeks ago I actually hurt the arch of my foot and could not walk for about a week. It was really tough and this was a very small injury. I really took my health for granted. So stop looking at your health in a different manner. If you are free from illness and injury you are HEALTHY. But with having health we need to promote good habits to keep it. So today I am talking lifestyle tips and motivation for a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Get your body moving. Embrace being free from injury and illness. Take a walk with your dog, go hiking with friends, or go take a local dance class. Move your body and get those good endorphins!
  2. Find an eating balance that works for you. The key is balance. So many people hear what some people eat and follow that lifestyle, but every body is different. Find what works best for you and what makes you HAPPY. Fuel your body, its the only body you get.
  3. Drink your water like your life depends on it: BECAUSE IT TRULY DOES!!! And when you think you have had enough, drink some more. I will add lemon to some of my water throughout the day to help it have a little bit of taste. Also lemon is great for you.
  4. STRETCH. Stretching is truly so great for your body. Try and aim for 5-20 minutes everyday of stretching and breathing. It is great to relieve stress and helps with the blood flow in your body. Put on some calm music and get your stretch on.
  5. Confidence. Embrace your body and who you are. We are all different and that is the beauty of being YOU. Do not waste your energy on negativity or comparison. Love yourself and speak kinds words to yourself.


  1. Grab a friend or a group of friends. It is way more fun when you are doing it with other people.
  2. Join a class! I love the community it brings and your coaches will motivate you to be your best.
  3. Set goals. I do not mean a certain weight on a scale, because you are SO much more than a number. You want to run a 5k? Set a goal for 3 months down the road and achieve it, because you are strong & can do anything you put your mind to!!!
  4. Buy yourself some cute workout gear! Nothing is better motivation than a cute new outfit.
  5. Change it up!! Never stay stagnant. Things can get boring so switch it up! If you have class pass in your area, sign up & try different group classes out!

I truly think health is super important. But, it is how health makes you feel not the way it looks. Working out, eating healthier options, and drinking your water is to help you feel good in your body. It is to help keep you free from injury and illness. Embrace your body, be happy, and live your life gf!!




Hey y’all! I have been wanting to share this (highly requested) routine with you all, so here I am finally doing it! I am naturally very pale and skin cancer is very prevalent in my family so sitting out in the sun is not very ideal for me. I would get spray tans for different events through out high school and beginning of college but they were usually pretty orange. Sophomore year of college I was introduced to self tanner and my life has been changed ever since.

Let me start by saying your skin is beautiful no matter what skin tone you have. But I am a huge advocate for self tanner to keep your self out of the tanning beds and baking in the sun. I have been using different self tanners for probably 4 years now. I have used some of the worst and the best. This is not to say I do not like other brands, and I will share other brands at times. But, today is my tried and true tanning routine. I hope you enjoy and would love to hear back from you if you try!!


Ok, so this step is a SUPER important, if not the most important part of this routine. Exfoliate first!!! Before shaving, exfoliate your entire body! This might seem different but its key. This will help get those pores open and get all the dead skin off. This helps give your skin a perfect base to apply tanner to. I personally will use this exfoliating dry brush or this one, but any will do! After exfoliating, shave. Another key tip, with exfoliating and shaving this will be opening up your pores. But, before you tan yourself you want to ensure those pores are closed or that is when you will get the darker dots in your pores. So before getting out of shower/bath run cold water all of your body, this will close your pores right up. Get out of the shower and make sure you dry off your entire body. Sometimes I will do this step the night before I tan just to make sure my pores are closed etc, but you can self tan after showering just make sure you are completely dry. Once dry, moisturize your driest areas (feet, knee caps, elbows, and hands) super well. This will help the tanner not to cling to those areas which usually happens if you do not moisturize. Ok now onto the tanner!!


My HOLY GRAIL tanner is, Loving Tan! I used to use the ultra dark but now I use the 2 hr express dark. This gives me the deepest tan, it is long lasting, and goes on so smoothly! This is a mousse formula, which in my opinion is what helps with the longevity of my tan. This tanner also gives me a brown olive color, which is my fave. I will usually do this on Thursday night and sleep in it! Now the awesome part about the 2 hour express is you could put it on, wash it off 2 hours later but I do let mine “marinate” for about 6-8. For application, you MUST use a mitt. I like this one. This will give you a smooth application and the tan will look the most natural because it will blend the tanner. I will start on my legs and work my way up. MAJOR TIP: use the excess tanner on the mitt from for your drier areas on your body (feet, knees, elbows, and hands).

After I tan my body if I want go super cray (not all the time) but I will layer it and go back over with another application one more time. Starting back at the legs and work my way up again. The key to layering is giving it time to dry a little as you tan your other body parts before going back over it.

After I tan myself with Loving Tan, it is a little sticky so I will take my blow dryer and put it on cold air and dry my body a little bit. This will help with the “color guard” transferring onto your clothes. For clothes after tanning I have a designated robe I wear but loose clothes of any kind is best!

What is a color guard? Well the color guard helps you see where you are applying the tanner so you get a super even application. When you shower after waiting the period of at least 2 hours (for this specific tanner) the color guard is what will be rinsed off. Leaving you the most perfect bronzed tan! Aka do not freak out in the shower when you see brown water going down the drain it’s just the color guard. Also do not freak out at how dark you may be before showering the color guard will give you a darker color till washed off. But here are a few tips when showering the first time after applying.

  • NO body wash nor soap all over body we are just rinsing the color guard off
  • lukewarm to cold water
  • A quick rinse is best!
  • Pat dry your body after no rubbing


Ok now you have prepped, applied, rinsed and now we want to keep the beautiful tan we have. To keep your tan the longest and smoothest without getting patchy is to moisturize every single day!!! Moisturizing is truly the most important part of self tanning. This will also keep it from getting patchy and help when you are ready to take it off.

Now I say you will get your darkest tan from Loving tan for 3 solid days, but you will be tan for at least 5-6. I usually tan myself weekly and the best way to keep getting a smooth flawless tan is to make sure ALL of your previous self tan is off so start back at step 1 🙂

Ok whew, that was A LOT. But I want to give y’all the nitty gritty of exactly what I do. Now that I have talked about my holy grail self tanner I want to share 3 other products I use as well and why!


This is also another self tanner, but this is a spray formula. This gives a more red brown tan. The best thing about this tanner is it is NOT sticky at all! I can put this on before going out for dinner and know it won’t be sticking to my clothes. I will also use this tanner to layer over my Loving tan during the week if I need a little color boost. The one thing about this tanner though is I feel like it last me 2 days max. That is why I don’t use this as my main tanner, but a supplement. I can usually find it for around $20 on Amazon and it lasts me a while. This also comes with its own mit so you don’t have to buy one separately. For the best tan I will spray it on my body and then use my mitt to rub it in from there!


A recently new product I’ve been using for the past few months. This is a lotion that you apply with a mitt that will wash off as soon as you shower. But this product is truly beautiful. It blurs your skin and makes it look like a life like filter. It gives you the most glowy, Jlo glow. And the most perfect bronze color. I truly love this product for photoshoots and layering on top of loving tan for a VS model look . Use a mitt to apply as well and give it time to dry a tad before putting clothes on. But remember this will wash off after you shower!!


I use to always just apply self tanner to my face. It personally never broke me out or had any major skin issues with it (that I thought). I have started getting facials and the aesthetician told me some parts of my face my pores were deeply clogged and it was due to tanning my face with self tanner. Well then I heard of these drops. They had some serious hype and being in this space I needed to try them to see what they were about. And the verdict is I really, really like them. I will usually add about 4-6 drops every other night in my moisturizer and apply to my neck and face. For best results use nightly to every other night. It does not give me the perfect tan to my face and I really love it!

And this wraps up my holy grail products and self tan routine!! I wanted to get in detail and give y’all the specifics. I hope y’all enjoyed this and please let me know if you try anything! Also I am always trying new things that come out, so if you have any must haves let me know! Last thing, I do use all of these and love them all for the reasons above. BUT, with that being said if I had to choose only one it would be Loving tan, everytime.